kayak, wave sport, ezg 60, yellow / orange, 35 lbs, white water boat, 81″x26″x14



wave sport, ezg 60, yellow / orange white water boat

Specs are 33 lbs, and 81″x25.75″x14

There’s some light rust on the seat adjustment ratchet, and some light scuffing on the bottom.  Mostly kept in the garage or in the shade through the years.

Google “EZG 60” to take a look at reviews and what-not.  
Volume is 60 gallon, so it’s meant for over 170Lbs in the 6-ft range.  I used to be 205Lbs and 5′-11″ when I used it and it was once comfortable.

I added foam to the toe pocket, that held my size 13’s nicely.  You’ll rubber-cement in more closed cell foam, or sand some out until you get a good fit.

I bought it from a shop as a demo model, so “DEMO” is branded into the plastic.

I’m willing to Freight ship it from San diego, CA (92109)  I will be able to freight ship, buyer pays shipping – if You’ll find a shipping cost that You’ll tolerate.  Differently, we will meet up within about 10 miles of 92109.  Ebay doesn’t appear to have freight shipping services and products listed as probably the most  services and products.


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