look 595



2008 Look 595 Ultra Medium frame
in perfect, “like new” condition 


I am selling a MINT 2008 595
Ultra.  As the pictures show, the bike
used to be repainted because I love flat black. 
It has not been ridden since being painted.  It looks new.


Parts are as shown:


Easton bars and stem.
Williams 38 Special carbon fiber wheels. 
SRAM RED 10 speed. (Cassette is probably 11-26.)


Saddle is fizik.

Bar wrap new.

Brake pads new

Cranks, chain rings and bottom bracket
new.  Mid compact.


I have the entire spacers
for the seat-post, as you’ll see.  It is
vital you are making sure the spacers will accommodate your existing seat height.  I measured 25 9/16” from center of bottom
bracket to the seat rails.  If this is
too tall, easy fix, you’ll cut seat-post. 
If too short, you add spacers. 
Very sweet and the spacers create minor shock absorption.  Please note I have brand new cranks on the
bike, but they’re 170mm, not 172.5. 
(Sale does not include pedals.) 


I pulled this info off the
internet. I consider it to be accurate. 
In 2008 this used to be the nicest, most advanced carbon fiber bike in the
world.  It rides great.  Compliant, yet stiff when you jump on it.  A perfect bike for anything; crit racings, cruising,
centuries, or climbing.  I have many
bikes and simply think any individual will have to enjoy this bike.  It is collecting dust. 

Price includes FREE GROUND UPS SHIPPING to lower 48 states. 


The 595 Ultra will give you the choice to ride the same frame as the 595, but with
a unique 15% stiffer tubeset lay-up. The Unidirectional (UD) carbon fiber
finishing weave sets this frame except the Pro Team, Origin, Origin Blue,
and Elle 595 frames, identifying it as the Ultra model. This frame is special
in that it offers that extra bit of stiffness without sacrificing overall
Frame material : Carbon fiber : VHM (Very high modulus)
Tube series : PRO LIGHT VHM Carbon (Very high modulus), oversized IN SHAPE
section. Oriented stiffness
Fork : HSC 6 monobloc carbon
Frame weight : 1080 grs with full length seat post
Fork weight : 315 grs
Frame and fork weight : 1395 grs
Features :

CARBON VHM : very high modulus tube series ULTRA UD finishing 

  595 ultra stiffer vs 595

 “IN SHAPE TUBES” Different thickness and shaped tubes

  E Post seat post (Seat post with integrated elastomer)

  High pressurized frame drop out

  Lugs, Monobloc Seat post Tube and seat post

  Very high pressurized carbon bottom bracket

  Carbon Nano tubes NTC


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