Marvel Legends Lot 87 Figures Please Read Description Wholesale !!



This listing is for Marvel Legends Lot of 84

You would receive the next figures Spider man – BAF venom x5

Groot toy r us exclusive x 8

Spider-Man black suit BAF sandman x 4

Iron man BAF GROOT x 5

Marvel Phoenix BAF juggernaut x3

Superior foes of Spider-Man BAF soaking up man x2

Marvel Angela BAF marvel titus x 3

Old man Wolverine BAF warlock x3

Marvel shocker BAF Sandman x3

Marvel jackal BAF sandman x3

Marvels Beetle BAF sandman x3

Kitty pryde BAF juggernaut x 1

Iceman BAF juggernaut x2

Marvel white tiger BAF rhino x2

Marvel sunfire BAF warlock X1

Marvel tombstone BAF vulture X2

Marvel havok BAF juggernaut x2

Marvel whirlwind BAF red skull x2

Cable BAF juggernaut x1

Marvel Spider-Man 2099 BAF sandman x 2

Marvel vance Astro BAF titus x 1

Nick fury BAF giant man x 1

Cottonmouth BAF red skull x 1

Star-lord BAF GROOT x3

Marvel silk BAF venom x1

Hell cat BAF thanos x1

Hobgoblin BAF venom x1

Doctor atypical Astral doctor atypical BAF dormammu x1

Spider girl BAF venom x1

Karl mordo BAF dormammu x1

Marvel nuke BAF giant man x1

Dark hawk BAF Titus x 1

Loki BAF hulk x 2

Sharon carter BAF redskull x 1

Spider-Man BAF vulture x 1

Marvel electro BAF venom X1

Marvel enchantress BAF dormammu x1

DRAX BAF Titus x1

Red guardian BAF giant man x 1

Marvel vulture BAF marvel vulture x 1

Miles morales BAF venom x 1

Marvel jack d lantern BAF soaking up man x 1

Marvel Polaris BAF warlock X1

Marvel misty knight BAF rhino X1

Marvel Legends Homecoming Spider-Man And Iron Man Tru Exclusive 2 Pack MIP x3

Please note that despite the fact that all boxes are up to date factory sealed they will show a few signs of shelfware, such as dings or dents & damages to the packaging. 

For Any more questions please be at liberty to contact me

Please allow as much as 2 business days handling time for shipping on all items !


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