MASI Gran Criterium Campagnolo 50th Group 58cm



     Very nice bike. I wish I knew it’s history but from appearances I’d say it used to be never used much, if at all, excluding for display. I bought it out of a giant collection. No real signs of wear on it.
     Typical beautiful MASI lugwork and overall finish. There are some marks from handling and the fork crown chrome has some pitting. Some deterioration on the decals. Overall a gorgeous classic. And it will have to be a stellar bike to ride.
      Equipped with a Campy 50th Anniversary Group (excluding hubs)! Can’t give an explanation for that but all else is there.
      Tires are old and not suitable for riding.
      A total classic if ever there used to be one, in all probability one of a kind with the Anniversary group. Don’t miss out!!

      Thanks for taking a look!

      FWIW I began racing bikes when I used to be 12, I’m now 61. I had my own shop and worked bicycle retail for over 35 years. I in my view visited Masi’s shop at the Velodrome in 1974. Those were the days——–


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