MOTU Huge Lot. Eternia, Grey Skull, Snake Mtn, Figures, Comics, Vehicles, More



Huge lot of He-Man MOTU toys.  I am selling my entire collection in a single lot.  I am the only owner.  I took very good care of my toys as a child, but they were played with.  So, expect condition to be typical of use.  Some stickers are faded or missing.  A couple of pieces are broken, cracked, damaged, etc.  The bulk of the collection is in very good condition. 

Please look at all of the pictures because I don’t keep in mind that all of the names to list them here and  I couldn’t fit everything in a single picture, so there are different photos with different toys.  The main pic shows castles and vehicles; another shows figures; one is for weapons; another is for comics/sticker book; the rest are most often detail pics of the items just mentioned.
– Included, but not shown in the pictures are some decals from Eternia that are still on the sticker sheet, unpeeled.
– Includes Fakor, Horde Trooper, King Hiss (still in card) and a lot of  others.  There are about 50 figures total. See pics.
– Includes a thermos from MOTU lunchbox-not shown, except for in main photo.
– Includes about 20 mini comics
– Castles include Eternia, Gray Skull, Snake Mtn, Slime Pit, Point Dread,  Fright Zone
Known issues – wind raider has broken wings, bashasaurus does not work properly, attack track is missing battery cover, spydor has a broken pincher & guns, Eternia-two of the track improve brackets on the main tower have damaged tabs and don’t grip the castle well, fright zone hand puppet has degraded, one figure has detached leg.  Other issues may exist, but these are the known ones.  Battery operated toys haven’t been tested.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  All the toys were mine as a child that I accumulated over a period of 4 or 5 years starting around 1981.  I took good care of them because I knew I would not get another if I broke one.  A couple of were played with outdoors, but 95% of them were never taken outside and were indoor toys only.  They have been in storage for the past  30+ years and at the same time as I hate to see the bulk of my childhood toys go, I wish to clear out some space.  I hope they find a good home.
More pictures available upon request.
I only ship to lower 48 states in the USA.  


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