Neutral System for MOKAI™ Jet Boats – Stop your MOKAI™ NOT your Motor!!!





                                                                                               THIS AUCTION IS NOT FOR A BOAT

Ever needed to stop for a second? Anyone ever flagged you down to see your neat MOKAI™? Ever encounter water too shallow and end up stalling your motor from sucking muck in your pump? Being able to go to idle and have neutral is just plain nice no matter what you ride or drive. You’ll be able to start your boat before you get in, you won’t have to worry about what direction you are facing when you start, maneuvering and docking are a breeze. And, for that quick pause, you won’t have to deal with TRYING to start that HOT motor! This is the only neutral clutch available for the  MOKAI™. My neutral clutch is CNC built tough from proven components by Max-Torque and Love-Joy with a maintenance free sealed bearing all precision machined to provide a solid, trouble free solution to this long overdue neutral issue for Mokai™ Jet Boats, it is going to also help your pump last longer.

This clutch will fit models with the splined pump shaft, if you have the earlier dowel pin, or hex shafts, I will convert them to spline for $50 extra. For more information you can goto my site, PainlessClutch. You’ll be able to also take a look at my forum dedicated to making these boats better, ImprovingYourMokai. Since Ebay has turned into Link Nazi’s, I couldn’t complete the dotcom part for each site.


     Many of these boats have issues with the crankshaft and pump shaft being improperly aligned, as a result of the nature of the plastic hull and the flex it allows. If you have the spline/hex model and experience difficulty engaging the slip coupler, then your shafts don’t seem to be lined up and you may additionally notice damage or excessive wear. The jaw coupling used in this clutch design utilizes a Urethane isolator which effectively functions as a u-joint and alleviates any problems with misalignment and flex. A cage, contains the coupler to the clutch, but allows it to free float, which will prevent wear to your shaft since there’s no longer the binding of the factory coupler. Motor and pump removal will still require no tools! When properly installed, the Painless Neutral Clutch will make your MOKAI™ operate smoother and last longer, not to mention safer and more convenient. Everything else you own has neutral, shouldn’t your Mokai??

I can also rebuild your Mokai™ jet pump to correct factory defects in bearing fitment, sealing and shaft run out as well as convert to oil lubrication. In addition, I will set your pump up so it can siphon water out of your hull, an auto bilge pump that draws no power and is sucking when the pump is generating thrust. If you’re tired of buying replacement wear rings, I make an aluminum version that would last endlessly. I make improvements to these boats to increase quality and reliability, you won’t consider the difference felt!!


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