NEW – Hand Made 16′ Custom Wooden Canoe



This canoe is a one of a kind custom canoe crafted in the “strip built” method. This boat is completely hand crafted with custom lines constructed from cherry and pine boards. This is not a cedar wood kit that came pre-cut and just needed assembling.

When building this boat I started buy going to a local specialty wood store and selecting the finest cherry and pine boards the area had to offer. Each board was planed, then each of the smaller strips of board cut from the larger whole. Each strip was then planed again to remove any imperfections from the cutting process. The strips were then fed through a router to create a bead on one side and a cove on the other to prep for assembly. As the basic assembly was nearing completion the shape or lines of the boat was then drawn in by hand for a one of a kind look. Creating pleasing curved lines instead of flat sides.

This one of a kind canoe features stems and inlays made of cherry which create a rich dark color and are tough enough to handle bumps to the front of the boat. As a result of the hard nature of the cherry wood it had to be treated and bent slowly over time in order to reach curved state. Much of this dark treated accent cherry can be found though out the design. 

The thwart in the center of the boat in integral in a canoe design and aids in helping a canoe maintain its shape. Incessantly you’ll find a plain piece of board used in construction. With this boat we opted to continue with using cherry. A proper cherry tree limb was found, shaved, and used in order to keep with strength and a one of a kind aesthetics. 

Two wicker seats are provided. These seats were selected for the maximum comfort they provide whilst you enjoy any travel you may be on. Also, these seats create a lower center of gravity giving you better stability in the water. The seats are also able to be positioned as necessary for proper weight distribution. 

Much thought and care was put into this canoe. Whether you are on the lookout for a display center piece or a functioning canoe. This will grab the eye of those who see it for future years.

Boat weighs in at 70lbs without the seats in, 79lbs with the seats. Seats can be re-moved or arranged as you see fit.

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Each is hand crafted by myself and a unique one of a kind
Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, I will be able to answer any questions to the best of my ability
Canoe is brand new and never been in the water other then waft testing
Sales are final.


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