New Jetson Electric Bike, approx 700 US$ cheaper as a new and add ons,



Wow! An ideal Jetson Eco-Friendly Lithium-Ion Powered Electric Bike, a black storage compartment and
spare parts from our first black Jetson E-Bike for sale. Much less expensive than new ! 

Brand new E-Bike, color Lime, just one short test ride.
Add-ons don’t seem to be assembled (e.g. mirrors). Appearance see pictures. 

Spare parts include 48 Volt Lithium battery, motor controller, front light, tail light, front wheel,
back tire and tube, dash display, handlebars and more interesting and useful parts.

Black lock and key storage compartment fits the Jetson E-Bike and is great for storage and transportation of more than a few items.

For more information just go to the Jetson bike webpage.

No delivery, pick up only!
It came with 12 months warranty after we were given it.

On Jun-18-17 at 16:41:28 PDT, seller added the next information:

Correction: On account of the passed time the guaranty is now between 7 and eight months


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