Offered for sale in this fixed price auction with shipping to all 50 states is (1) Norse / Carlisle combination, custom made HEAVY DUTY whitewater guide paddle. This paddle will work for day-to-day commercial use or private boating and will last for years with simple care and proper storage. This paddle has been gently use tested and has been stored dry and flat for several years. I had had several moves from homes and into dry storage which prevent me from stating it is a new paddle. This paddle is designed to glide for recovery on the water if discarded or dropped but that is not necessarily true when dropped in class 3, 4 or 5 whitewater. Adding some 1″ water heater pipe insulation would make stronger this.  This paddle shaft is fiberglass constructed over a frame of aluminum with a plastic T maintain.  For many years I have held that Norse is the premier paddle maker in the united states. I marry the Norse shaft and T grip to 1″ heavy wall T-6 6061 aluminum pipe which I insert into the Carlisle outfitter blade. I cork seal the shafts thoroughly to give this paddle the best chance at flotation must it be dropped in the water.

Paddle Composition Remark:  20 years ago I purchased T grip and shaft assemblies from Norse Paddle, in Pa.  I also bought heavy duty 8″ outfitter blades from Carlisle Paddle Company.  I bought 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum tubing sections from metal supply houses in California.  I added cork plugs to seal an air chamber.  I combined both items to blend the best parts into the fine paddles you see in the photos above.  The Carlisle blade can be replaced if it cracks by cutting it away and then replacing it as necessary with either the outfitter blade or the standard duty paddle blade if you need less contact.  These paddle shafts are discolored through the years but these aren’t blems or 2nd quality parts. Some scratches and scuffing are evident.  The result is still going to be the best guide paddle you ever used.  I made these paddles for enough people that I know what I am saying is true.

The specs are listed as: 5 feet 8 inches long with an effective blade surface that is 20 inches long X 7-1/2 inches wide.  Orange/red shaft, blue Carlisle heavy duty outfitter blade and faded blue Norse maintain T grip.  The paddle weight is 3 pounds + 5 ounces.

The delivered shipping weight is 5 pounds for all 50 states via USPS priority mail shipping through ebay for this lot of (1) paddle each per B-I-N price. 

International shipping is done through the ebay global shipping center.

The return policy is 30 days with a 20% non-refundable restocking policy for all customers.


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