NRS 16′ Kodiak Cataraft



NRS 16′ Kodiak Cataraft – The 16′ Kodiak Cataraft by NRS is built with giant 28 inch tubes because for some boaters going big is an approach to life. NRS “cats” are designed for ordinary performance, agility and stability, whether transporting passengers and gear or sport boating. Made of heavy-duty Pennel Orca material, the Kodiak Cataraft is super abrasion, chemical and UV-resistant for unmatched durability. The trouble-free Leafield C7 Valves be sure that easy inflation/deflation of the tubes. Extended wear patches at the tops of the tubes allow for frames as much as 10’. Precisely sized continuous-curve tubes toughen capacity, ride and maneuverability at the same time as the 28″ tube diameter provide you with more cargo capacity than you’ll be able to ever need. Sixteen 2″ stainless steel D-rings provide a bombproof anchor system for your frame and the three air chambers in each and every tube provide you with maximum security in emergency situations. Whether you run it down the Grand Canyon or motor it up the Amazon, the NRS 16′ Kodiak Catara

NRS 16′ Kodiak Cataraft:

Length Tube Diameter Rocker Air Chambers Max Frame Length Weight
15′ 11″ 28″ 27″ 6 120″ 87 lbs.


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