Old Vintage Antique Wood Canoe ca1900 Orig for Sailing Use or Restaurant Display



This is an old vintage antique Canoe!

Gorgeous antique canoe.  ca 1900  Wood is beautiful and sides are in great condition.   Originally was made as a sailing canoe over 100 years ago.  One could use it today, no problem as a regular canoe, but best use would probably be to display by hanging it from rafters of your lake home, bar or restaurant, or any other room where you would appreciate the history and craft of this beauty.   It is large and heavier of course than the aluminum canoes made today.  New sails and rudder, and the like would must be made if one wanted to use it again as a sailing canoe.   Places and craftsmen exist that could do that for you if that were the intent. It’s somewhere around 17′
Pick up would most likely be necessary (in Oshkosh, Wisconsin) but we will work with buyer to help any way that we will, just send us an email. 
so sorry about the photos. It is in storage and hard to get at to get good photos.
Email with any questions please!

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