P-REP NOLO 34mm Ebony Complete Wooden Fingerboard – Pick Trucks and Wheels



P-REP NOLO 34mm Complete Fingerboard

Broken Knuckle 
fingerboard’s Peoples Republic line provides an inexpensive alternative 
to our high-performance line of fingerboards. We consider everyone must
have get entry to to take a look at and have quality wooden fingerboards with no need 
to pay a lot to get began. These decks are well made and are a great 
introduction to wooden decks and 

We strive to give you the best 
prices for ALL levels of fingerboarding gear.


  • 5 ply
  • 34mm x 100mm
  • 2 pieces uncut foam grip tape
  • 8 screw holes
  • Does NOT have king pin holes as the included trucks and most other current trucks do not require them.
  • clear coated to offer protection to the wood 
  • This deck is a natural wood pattern. The pattern will vary from what is pictured.


  • 2 32mm Spaced Performance Tuned Nuts Chrucks with high performance o-ring tuning
  • O-ring color is also different than image 
  • 8 screws to attach trucks to deck
  • 4 nuts to attach bearing wheels
  • 1 fingerboard tool


  • 4 Basic Bearing wheels.

Stickers are included with each order and may vary depending on availability


Peoples Republic fingerboards, P-REP, NOLO, Spaced and Chrucks are trademarked 
brands of Broken Knuckle fingerboards.



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