Phoenix Match 2 Downriver Racing Kayak



This Phoenix Match 2 downriver racing kayak is about 12 years old. It looks like a bullet and was once designed for whitewater racing. This isn’t a boat for beginners. It’s relatively tippy and difficult to turn; keep your paddle in the water. Unlike regular kayaks, it turns better when you lean out of doors of your turn. (Did I mention that This isn’t a boat for beginners?) It is superb for physical training and is a rush to use. This boat came with a small delamination from the factory and I added any other (see pictures). It has many small scratches. It’s watertight to these days. It weighs a mere 29 pounds, is 14’9″ long, 2 feet wide and 14″ deep.I paid over $1,600.00 for it new. It has been stored inside a heated garage. It’s almost an antique, but an experienced paddler can still make it fly. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Pay by PayPal or cash whilst you pick it up.


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