PNSO Dinosaur maquette 1/20 Mamenchisaurus sideshow Apatosaurus Dinosauria



PNSO Age of the Dinosaurs 1/20 scale Mamenchisaurus Hochuanensis scientific reconstruction model 

globally limited to 200 sets. The mamenchisaurus is a specis of sauropods known for its great neck 

length and discovery in China. 

The exclusive sculpture is by paleo artist Zhao Chuang. It appears within the 

Youtube documentary “I’ve a T-rex”《我有一隻霸王龍》PNSO. Highly beneficial to see it when you google.

Marquette includes a metal armature for structural integrity. World wide limited to 200. Item is new and never been displayed. Box is opened for inspection by the United States Customs and Border Protection. US shipping only. If actual shipping cost seems to be not up to the estimated $150 I will be able to refund you the difference. Thank you. 


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