Premium Travel Road Racing Bike – Airnimal Chameleon Campy Record Groupo



Top of the Line / Road Racing Shuttle Bike…Including Case….No expenses spared in custom build…

Black Airnimal Chameleon

Stainless Steel 10 speed Campy Record Groupo – size 56″ (Large)

Custom Built Wheels – Campy Record hubs

Super Fast time to unpack and ride… “Fold-Up, Fold-down”, MUCH MUCH faster than Ritchey and Bike Friday… lower than 5 min. easy

Salsa comfort brake handles – (hands on top, no drops needed)

Travel bikes just don’t get any better than this. “unfolding” time lower than 5 minutes to ride.

If you’re on the lookout for the Apex Ferrari of the foldable road bike world, this is undeniably it.

Quickly “folds” in half… Amazing design.  Please see pics showing folding mechanisms.

This is a very Fast yet comfortable bike… many use(d) it as their personal TT/Tri bike.  It has made record time
climbing l’Alpe d’ Huez, and on the flats…and in a position to comfortably be taken off road
with the very effective built-in rear Urethane shock (see yellow part in pics)  … Used only on vacations, she’s seen a couple of trips around
the Champs Elysee circuit on TDF last day (before we go kicked off), a Yellowstone 2-day tour, Vermont 2-day weekend, and so on…

This bike unfolds in seconds and is able to ride in minutes.

Unlike most all other Shuttle bikes, this bike is Easily re-sized by changing the stem and pedal lengths.
This is huge/major advantage against all competing bikes (like which geometry/size if fixed at the factory.

This bike fits riders between 5′-3″ and 6′-1″or so…
(at 6”-2″+, 225lbs.,  I used to be probably a little too big for it, though it rode well…)

New Top end cabling/housings installed, before packing the last time

The mfg. is found at:

Airline standard Shuttle rolling suitcase included. (Indistinguishable from a normal piece of luggage).

There are some very minor misc. scratches on frame. Never crashed.

Local PU OK/VG.

(BTW; old shoes in pic not included in auction )

The bike has been in storage.  Imagine a shop tune-up and size fitting… Perhaps may warrant a quick
stem change to match your riding, and so on…

Retail price with Campy Record, Custom built Campy Record wheels,  $6,750.00. Selling here almost 1/2 price

Feel free to make Reasonable Offer

(selling local also, so reserve right to end auction early)


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