Rare Collector’s Piece Vintage 1985 Kenner Droids Boba Fett!



Available for sale is a rare, vintage 1985 Kenner Droids Boba Fett.

This is NOT a repro! Everything about it is AUTHENTIC!

Recently, the item became moderately damaged (please see pics), and as slightly of a perfectionist, I have made up our minds to list it for sale.
Because of the damage, It’s not that i am asking for $2500 plus (like the other seller of a similar item on ebay).
Anyhow, you’ll be able to see that the item is still stunningly beautiful and makes a great centerpiece for any vintage Boba Fett action figure collection.
As an “added bonus”, the gold colored coin included with Boba is VERY AFA able.
If graded, this rare coin would certainly grade at least an 85 (in my view) and fetch anywhere from $500-$1000 if sold.
With all the new Star Wars movies coming out, this item is sure to skyrocket in value.
Anyways, you should definitely do not let this opportunity to own this hard to find vintage collectible pass you by……..
*****Since I live near the post office, shipping is ALWAYS lightning fast!


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