Real Canoe 16 Ft Built Cedar Strip Wood Boat with Paddles and Cover Assembled



Dimensions: L: 187.5 W: 31.5 H: 24 Inches

The real wood grain is absolutely mesmerizing. You won’t be capable to help but admire the craftsmanship, the rich tones of the hand joined cedar strips and the clear finish that in point of fact highlights the artfulness of this piece. 

This 16’ canoe will take you on journeys like never before. Designed for pleasure and beauty, it is built to last a lifetime. 

You will get lost in the day as it is spent upon the water engaged in whatever activity you most enjoy. This is how the lake or stream or river was once all the time meant to be navigated. A canoe that took 500 hours to build has got to be an experience like no other. 

This canoe measured as follow: 
* Length: 187.5 inches
* Width (Beam): 31.5 inches
* Mid Height: 12 inches
* Bow/Stern Height: 24 inches
* Weight: Appr. 50lbs
* Rocker: Quite rocked – 4 inches
* Capacity: 550lbs

– Stunning beautiful clear graded cedar hull
– Fiberglass adds important tensile strength and abrasion resistance to the wood
– 100% western red cedar make our boats surprisingly light weight that one person can carry
– Come with a show graded set of wooden paddles.

About Woodenboat USA™ :

More than just watercraft, our wooden boats, kayaks and canoes represent connections to a legacy of craftsmanship and old world techniques. Woodenboat USA is invested in the kind of construction that recalls generations of boat making. Over thirty years in business, our commitment has all the time been and will continue to be, to excellence, to tradition and to creating products that you’ll enjoy both for their performance and unbelievable beauty. 

Inspired by history, the names of our watercraft are derived from the northern waterways where natives and settlers have used them for centuries. Merging centuries-old customs with improvements in technology, we bring you boats that excel in every category.

Beginning with pliable, prime quality Canadian cedar, our craftsmen hand sign up for each individual strip. Hundreds of hours go into the construction of our boats, as perfection is the only option. Once built, the piece is encapsulated in fiberglass epoxy resin adding an extra layer of durability and strength. At last, the water craft is ready for its nautical debut.


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