Redwood Cedar Strip Canoe – Langford 60th Anniversary Legacy Addition – $5000



This 16′ Canoe has been delicate to the purpose of perfection. The Legacy has a half or “sister ribbed” White Cedar interior. The planked hull is constituted of make a selection pieces of British Columbia Red Cedar. Through the years the reddish tint will darken considerably creating a remarkable contrast between it, the brass tacks, and the Eastern White Cedar ribs. 

Each hand built hull has a definite pattern created by the variances in colour found within the planking. The Legacy’s hull has the finest lines found in any canoe, being both extremely efficient and maneuverable. 

This canoe is valued at aprox $7,500.00 — It’s water tested by Langford and has been on display in an individual climate controlled home for over 15 years. This is a numbered limited edition.

Length 17’3″
Depth 12″
Capacity 1100 lbs.
Bow 25″
Beam 36 1/2″
Weight 75 lbs.
Rocker 1 1/2″



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