Rocker BMX Mini BMX CRAZY MAIN SPLATTER Rocker 3+ RKR Coaster Model



24-Carat rocker
24-Carat rocker

      ROCKER 3+ Crazy Main Splatter Coaster Model Mini BMX

The Rocker 3 is by far our BEST Rocker yet, it rolls so fast it’s scary. Big airs don’t seem to be only easily achievable, you’re going to struggle in keeping it down so hold tight, this is not for beginners. 

As mini BMX as an extreme sport progresses, it’s essential that the products we deliver meet the increasing demand of the riders who buy them.  RockerBMX has been at the forefront of minibmx technology & development since day 1 & this the 4th generation Rocker yet-again sets the benchmark for the rest to follow.  It’s 1 kg lighter, the wheels are a lot straighter (virtually zero wheel wobble) & significantly stronger.  The driver delivers a precise and very loud click with rapid engagement, the entire bearings are now sealed cartridge units.  The tyres are our own aftermarket ‘street pro’ (which you can not buy anywhere else) and can cope with up to 80PSI !!!

For those of you available in the market who have been waiting for a PROPER mini BMX, one that can deliver everything that a full custom 20” BMX can deliver, this is the one for you.  Rocker 3 paves the way for the future of mini BMX which is here to stay.

New reduced fork clearance for easier foot jams, tapered stays, angled seat clamp and micro drop outs for a super clean looking back end

New – now comes with The all-new Rocker BMX “JT Coaster”.Fully sealed bearings, revolutionary new drag mechanism and internal 4 position slack setting that may be adjusted easily without taking the hub apart.

New – Now comes with Rocker plastic pegs (PLEGS). PLEGS are the up to date innovation from Rocker BMX. Designed specifically for mini BMX the PLEGS are ideal for grinding, ledge & lip tricks and look utterly sick.


  • New JT Coaster
  • New Rocker plastic pegs (PLEGS)
  • Specification Hi Tensile lightweight Frame-set
  • sealed Mid BB
  • curved bridge
  • logo stamped TT Gusset
  • CNC headtube
  • sealed internal headset (short back end to aid spinning tricks e.g. 360’s & whips)
  • Hi Tensile Tapered Forks with 12 mm drop outs
  • Internally threaded with 6061 alloy compression cap
  • 10” x 28” Hi tensile bars 
  • Forged Top Load stem 4130 
  • 28 / 9 gearing for high speed cranking
  • Latest 2 piece hidden weld 5 bolt rims & sealed wheel bearings
  • Rocker Street Pro Tyres (aftermarket up to 80 psi)
  • Soft Kraton grips 
  • Plastic BMX pedals 
  • KMC Chain

  • Rocker is the British brand that started the mini BMX revolution and continues to develop & innovate the sport at the top level.  Buying substandard copies ceaselessly results in pain and misery. 

    Extreme sports product suitable for use by persons over 20kg and under 90 kg.

    Important: This bike has no brakes! It is sold for off-road use only. It is specifically designed for off-road racing on enclosed tracks. We don’t offer a road kit for this bike, as it is NOT to be used on the road.  



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