Sagamo Canoe, by Rivers & Gilman in Maine, Temporarily reduced to $750



Looking for a good home for this canoe. It is as good as it used to be when it used to be new. In very good shape with the exception of for a couple of scratches from normal use, none deep or serious. It has at all times been kept out of the weather when not in use. There are three wood paddles that are in good shape, even supposing they could use some refinishing, especially on the edges. The canoe is 16 feet long, has no keel, and weighs 65 pounds. The birch bark design is not molded into the canoe. It is painted with a brush. The smaller details likely made with a machine, but the larger black stripes and designs are painted with black paint and a brush. If they wear off, they may be able to be painted on again. Before the design used to be applied, the canoe used to be all white. It is made of a material called Royalex. One of those tough plastic material. The flotation is sandwiched between the inner and outer layer of the hull. When submerged It’ll not sink. It’ll not beef up a person if submerged. Life jackets are needed for each person riding in the canoe. This craft has enabled our family to enjoy many places, the lakes and rivers of Tennessee, lakes of Wisconsin, North Carolina, lower and upper Michigan, Minnesota, and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) where Minnesota and Canada meet, located at Ely and Winton Minnesota. It may be picked up Sunday-Friday, after PayPal has sent me confirmation of payment. (No cash sales.)  I am willing to negotiate the price some, but not much.


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