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2012 Salsa Spearfish 1 | Medium |

This is actually an amazing bike.  In my opinion, it’s the epitome of the “don’t look at the spec sheet” mountain bike.  The frame is extremely well built and very well thought out.  For example, the paint is customized to save over 100 grams.  Continuing in that line of thought, the front/rear shocks are custom tuned for the bike as well.  It’s a rider’s bike that is actually built for purpose.

The 2012 features a single pivot rear triangle w/ 6mm of flex built into the seat stays.  Honestly, it’s active, supportive, and inspires technical riding.  Having ridden a 2011 Spearfish model for 2 years and the Split Pivot 2015 Spearfish for a couple of weeks, I find the 2011 to 2013 single pivot design to be more compliant with small bumps.  In regards to the spec sheet, were talking about a 29er bike that has a large number of rollover ability.  Specific to the 2012 Spearfish 1, the bike features thru-Axles for both the front and rear.  The DT Swiss wheels with DT Swiss 350 hubs and the Kenda 2.2″ tubeless tires carry a large number of speed.  The bike is simply extremely efficient.

There is nothing on this bike that must be replaced.  It’s in like-new showroom condition.  I upgraded the seatpost and the stem to a Thompson Elite.  The handlebar is a 760mm carbon handlebar instead of the original 700mm.  The original crankset is a solid BB30 design with a Sram direct mount and makes for an easy 1X drivetrain; hints the 32 tooth Sram Eagle chainring.  The rear cassette is a Sunrace MX3 11 – 42 tooth and is the lightest cassette available with this much range for a Shimano free hub.  Lastly, the DT Swiss wheels are a great “everyday” wheelset and are particularly well built as they have 32 spokes per wheel instead of the standard 24 or 28 spoke count.  They are “true” and built to last.  The DT Swiss 350 hub has the standard 18 tooth star ratchet and can easily be converted to a 10 degree 36 tooth in case you are interested.  One other thing to note, the DT Swiss 350 hub can also easily be converted to a Sram XD free hub.  Within an hour you must easily be ridding a 12 speed.  Note that the 32 tooth front chainring is Sram Eagle 12 speed compliant.

Adding it all up.  The bike is just implausible.  There’s so much to work with here.  It’s an easy bike to ride and an even easier bike to appreciate.  I get it.  I know there’s a large number of choices available in the market available on the market.  But, there’s just something special about the Spearfish.  Honestly, every time I rode the bike I just kept wondering “Why” and/or “What is it that makes the bike so unique” and “Why do I love to ride this bike so much?”  It’s very enjoyable.  And again, it’s built to last.  That being said, it’s a tough “1” to let go of.  At the same time, on the other hand, it’s also a very worthy “1” to hold onto.


Ships within 1 business-day from Phoenix, Arizona.  The bike will be professionally boxed and shipped via Bike Flights.  Tracking information can be followed via eBay and PayPal for your convenience.


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