Secure,& Lock Your Kayak With a Lariat Cable™ On Auto Roof or Water’s Edge



  •  Vinyl covered 3/16″ Galvanized Aircraft Cable easily wraps around a
  •     tree or post at waters edge to protected your kayak.
  • Secure Your Kayak to your auto roof easily.
  • Two, 10 ft cables allow varied tie-up options.
  • Two sturdy loops for easy storage hang up when not in use.
  • Free Shipping and handling to all 50 states and Canada.
  • Use your own lock, replace it, not the cable when it malfunctions.
  • Assembled in USA.
  • This isn’t a tiedown. Lariat is for use together with a tiedown.
  • Patent D795042.
  • The cable lanyard from Sundown ideas is one of the best ways to protected your kayak.
    It is easy to put on, and when not on the roof of my car, I protected my PFD as well.
    I kayak once or more a week and need a cable to lock my kayak up when we are doing a go back and forth.
    With a good lock, I will be able to be assured it’s going to be there when I return.This is the most productive locking system I have seen.

    Linda H. WI


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