Skeg, Keel, Fin, Replacement Intex Challenger & Explorer Inflatable Kayak K1&K2



 Improved Replacement Skeg for Intex Challenger K2 and Explorer K2

This skeg is designed to fit the 10″ long Kayak groove only

It will not fit the 6″ groove.  Please measure groove length before ordering

we can make the skeg for the 6″ slot upon special request

Up for sale is an improved replacement Skeg, manufactured to fit the Intex Challenger K1 & K2 and Explorer K1 & K2 inflatable Kayaks.

I own both of these inflatable kayaks and in point of fact enjoy the usage of them with my family.  The only issue that I have with them is that at times the skeg comes out and it’s just about not possible to find (as it is black and it sinks).  The kayak is very difficult to maneuver without it.  Being a manufacturing engineer most of my life, I set out to make a few improvements to this part to make sure that there have been no issues with these kayaks on our vacation.  Listed below are the improvements:

1)  Made from “High-Density Poly Vinyl Chloride Plastic”, a very tough material

2)  This material is somewhat more buoyant than water, so if it comes out, “it floats”

3)  The material is bright white, so it can be spotted from a distance

4)  The material is thicker than that of the original, allowing it to “shoulder up” on both sides of the groove on the kayak.  This gives it a “tight fit” resulting in a much lower chance of it coming out.

I think these enhancements greatly reinforce the skeg design, making it less likely to come out; and if it does it is much easier to find and retrieve as it floats.

(We now have the “MegaSkeg”, which is more than 20% larger, available on a seperate Ebay listing for $15.99.) 

This replacement skeg is not manufactured by Intex.

Thanks for looking!!

NOTE:  Since I have received a large number of requests to ship international,  I’ve made up our minds to do so.  If you live outside of the U.S., simply select “buy it now” then request an invoice.  I will be able to find the lowest shipping cost available and it is going to be entered on the invoice that will return to you.  The international shipping that I’ve used to date has ranged between $18 & $22 U.S. for this item, depending on the country.    



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