New update 1-15-17, NEW PICS UPDATED ! New Ion Cannon pics listed. Ion Cannon is  almost complete. Waiting on the cannons flaps that are around it to finish it. Ion cannon has LED lights , green and blue which may also be seen looking at it from the front . Will post pics day after today . New update coming 1-9-17 There are 3 AT-AT’s which are all LEGACY 2010 best of the best AT-AT’s made. 12 snow speeders , 2 AT-ST’s one hoth battle pack other is a battle pack Walmart exclusive  . 1 rebel transport , 2 hoth turrets. Also 1 star destroyer, all bounty hunters : IG-88, Zuckuss , 4-Lom,Boba Fett prototype armor,Dengar comic book edition,Bossk,there are a total of 5 snow speeder bikes.if anybody would really like more pics please message . There is a lot u can’t see on the battlefield because it’s huge over 6′ long ,5′ wide. I’ll take different pics from different angles each Week. Every room has a light toggle switch . Keep an eye on room has a blue light and red light. which u can choose which color u want on or off . There are 5 toggle switches that Keep an eye on all lighting and you’ll be able to choose which rooms to light up, also battery is rechargeable which has a recharging system that you plug into the wall and it charges the battery. Any questions please message ,It is possible for you to to reposition all of the toys ANY WAY you need , on the battlefield is over 50  pegs to place empire, and 40 on rebel side . They’re painted white but It is possible for you to to see them if you look closely . All buildings will be reinforced before being shipped . This is one of a kind specially designed for the adult child who loves Star Wars ! Thanks for watching ! Will be complete in one week ?


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