Stealth Bomber Style High Performance Electric Bike Motorcycle Dirtbike



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Choose from three different levels of performance for your Off-Road Ultra-High Performance Enduro Electric Bike / E-Motorcycle.  Until you have felt the acceleration of a CyclElectric Enduro E-Bike you haven’t in point of fact, actually, experienced awesome performance. Regardless of the motor you choose, you’ll be able to expect a performance level far exceeding anything else offered by the big box manufacturers. Made in Connecticut from parts sourced both locally and in another country, you’ll be able to never wish to worry about warranty coverage if you purchase from CyclElectric.  We service all of the electric bikes we make and make all of the electric bikes we service. If something breaks on your bike, we fix it (as long as you treat the bike well and there’s no evidence of excessive wear and tear; within the warranty period). We offer three versions of this bike, categorized by performance:

Level 1:  48 Volt 2000 Watts (continuous; 2500 watt max). 26″x2.4″ Bicycle Tires for solid traction and stability. Dual crown front fork. Single speed. Dual disc brakes. LCD Screen. Top speed ~36 mph.   Acceleration: Good. Won’t throw you back or pop a wheelie, but you’ll be able to outgun most cars from a standstill to 30mph and have quite a lot of power on tap.  Moto Seat option: $100

Level 2: 72 Volt 4500 Watts (5500 watts max). 24″ Front bike tire. 19″ Rear Motorcycle Tire. Massive 26.1 ah lithium ion battery with 60 amps output. DNM Rear Suspension. Cycle Analyst. LCD Screen. Top speed 55-60 mph  Acceleration: Wheelie popping Craziness. Moto Seat Option: $50

Level 3: 72 Volts ~6500 Watts (maxes out at over 10,000 Watts!). 24″ Front Bike tire. 19″ Rear Motorcycle Tire. Hugely powerful 72 volt 26.1 ah Battery Pack capable of pushing out over 120 amps in burst current. Cycle Analyst. Matte black Marzocchi 380 Front Fork. DNM rear suspension. QS 205 V3 Motor (Identical in spec and commonly referred to as the CroMotor). Sabvoton 72v150amp programmable controller. It is a serious machine and not for the inexperienced. Massive and immediate acceleration. Will cruise all day at 60+ mph. Top Speed ~65mph. Acceleration: BRUTAL. Moto Seat Option: FREE

Why pay over $10,000 for an Australian made Stealth Bomber when which has only a fraction of the power and options available? We have spent two years modifying our version of the Stealth Bomber in order to guarantee long life, reliability, and functionality. In addition, we made sure that most parts are interchangeable. In other words, if a part breaks or you need to upgrade; it’s a matter of just purchasing the new/replacement part instead of an entirely new bike.  Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the CyclElectric High Performance Off Road Enduro Electric Bike. We are even open for test rides! 

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