– toddler photo cards – 30 photo cards to capture the memorable moments in your



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Milestone – Toddler Photo Cards – 30 Photo Cards to Capture the Memorable Moments in Your Child’s Early Years (Ages 1-4)

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MilestoneTM: Our Story

MilestoneTM makes sets of photo cards to capture and keep in mind that special moments that make you smile. The idea came from Dutch mom, Gemma Broekhuis, who wanted to capture the first time her son, Mikkel, rolled over. She wrote a card, added the date, and took a picture of her son with it. She did the same when he slept through the night, crawled, ate his first solid food, etc.

Realizing how precious those pictures were and how easy it is to fail to remember those key moments, she decided to turn her idea into a product: Baby Cards by MilestoneTM.

The first sets of Baby Cards by MilestoneTM were ready in May 2012. Today they are sold in 22 languages in over 40 countries with new parents enjoying them every day. Since then we have created many more products to compliment the MilestoneTM timeline to capture your life’s journey, like these Toddler Photo Cards.

We hope you enjoy our products and capture lots of beautiful moments.

Toddler Photo Cards – Moments Included

Today I Turned 2

Today I Turned 3

Today I Turned 4

I Can Dance

I Can Jump

I Can Eat With My Spoon And Fork

I Can Climb The Stairs By Myself

I Can Throw And Catch A Ball

I Used The Potty

I Can Ride My Tricycle

I Can Ride My Bicycle

I Know My Shapes

I Know My Colors

I Can Count To Ten

I Moved To My Toddler Bed

I Can Brush My Teeth

No More Diapers

My First Dentist Visit

I Had My First Haircut

I Can Put On My Shoes

I Can Get Dressed By Myself

I Can Help With Cleaning

I Can Set The Table

I Made My First Artwork

I Can Sing A Song

I Can Play A Game

I Can Write My Name

I Know Right From Left

Today Was My First Day Of School


Poster to track your activities! And a blank card to write in your own memory!

Product Features

  • PLAYFUL DESIGN: Fun shapes and colors make up these Toddler Photo Cards.
  • MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Add a dated photo card to your pictures and you will never fail to remember all the fun toddler highlights that you wish to capture, keep in mind that, and share. They’re childhood pictures will be truly unforgettable.
  • ECO FRIENDLY BIO INKS, FSC QUALITY PAPER, KEEPSAKE BOX: Vegetable based dyes, durable quality paper to help preserve as a keepsake item, durable box to keep cards organized, safe, and easy to use on the go!

Additional information

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