Transformers Generations/Universe Lot – 52 Total Figures – MISB, MIB, Loose



This auction is for a Transformers Generations/Universe/Reveal The Shield LOT. I will be able to not break them up, so please don’t ask. My goal is to clear out space for storing for other toys I’m involved in collecting, in order that they will have to go. See below list for included figures and details. Loose items will include all original accessories, instructions and cardstock.

[Class] [Faction] [Name] [Feature] [Status]
Deluxe Autobot Blurr Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Bumblebee Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Bumblebee Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Cliffjumper Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Grimlock Dinosaur Loose
Deluxe Autobot Hoist Wrecker MISB
Deluxe Autobot Hound Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Ironhide SUV Loose
Deluxe Autobot Jazz Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Kup Truck Loose
Deluxe Autobot Mirage Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Perceptor Half Track Loose
Deluxe Autobot Prowl Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Red Alert Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Rodimus (Hot Rod) Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Sideswipe Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Silverstreak Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Smokescreen Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Springer Helicopter MISB
Deluxe Autobot Sunstreaker Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Tracks Car Loose
Deluxe Autobot Trailcutter Truck MISB
Deluxe Autobot Warpath Tank Loose
Deluxe Autobot Wheelie Car MISB
Deluxe Autobot Wheeljack Car Loose
Leader Autobot Jetfire Aircraft MISB
Voyager Autobot Grapple Construction Crane MIB
Voyager Autobot Inferno Fire Engine MISB
Voyager Autobot Jetfire Aircraft MIB
Voyager Autobot Optimus Prime Truck MIB
Voyager Autobot Roadbuster Armored Car MISB
Voyager Autobot Sandstorm Car/VTOL (Triple Changer) MISB
Voyager Autobot Springer Car/Helicopter (Triple Changer) MISB
Voyager Autobot Whirl Helicopter MISB
Voyager+Deluxe Autobot+Decepticon Ultra Magnus v Skywarp Truck+Aircraft (2-pack, Target Exclusive) MISB
Deluxe Decepticon Astrotrain Spacecraft/Locomotive (Triple Changer) Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Cyclonus (with Nightstick) Aircraft (Targetmaster) Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Dirge Aircraft Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Galvatron Tank Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Octane Aircraft/Truck Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Ramjet Aircraft Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Scourge Aircraft MISB
Deluxe Decepticon Scourge Aircraft Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Scourge Aircraft Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Starscream (v1) Aircraft Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Starscream (v2) Aircraft (G1 Color Scheme) Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Thrust Aircraft Loose
Deluxe Decepticon Thundercracker Aircraft Loose
Voyager Decepticon Blitzwing Aircraft/Tank (Triple Changer) MIB
Voyager Decepticon Megatron Gun MIB
Deluxe Junkion (Autobot) Junkheap Motorcycle Loose
Deluxe Junkion (Autobot) Wreck-Gar Motorcycle Loose

On Sep-28-17 at 18:49:03 PDT, seller added the next information:

Some answers to questions I’ve received:

MISB = Mint In Sealed Box, package has never been opened, original contents have never been got rid of.
MIB = Mint In Box, package has been opened, but contents are mint or near-mint condition and in original packaging.
Loose = Item is mint or near-mint and includes all original accessories, just couldn’t save the packaging.

Shipping is free to you (to not me). Please bid accordingly.

Happy bidding!


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