ULTRA-MEGA-RARE Vintage Mattel 1987 MOTU Tytus & Megator 13″ Figures Unused MIB!



“By the Powers of Grayskull…I have the Power!”

The Most Powerful Collection in the Universe!  Over the next few weeks, I have the pleasure to list what is going to likely be one of the most All-Time Greatest Vintage Masters of The Universe Collections ever seen on Ebay!  An old friend from College contacted me recently and told me about his MOTU Collection, one that he had been building since 1982!  He also told me he had finally made the difficult decision to part ways with his beloved Collection.  When he brought the toys to my home, I couldn’t consider what I used to be seeing!  This Collection is massive, and he one way or the other collected Every Insanely Rare Figure, Accessory and Playset offered in the Mattel Line.  From Tytus and Megator to the Meteorbs, and from Laser Light Skeletor to Eternia…he found it all!  What he wasn’t able to find as a child, he tracked down and bought during the late 1990’s.  Every loose figures is in NEAR MINT Condition, 100% ORIGINAL & COMPLETE (most with Mini-Comics), and every Playset or Accessory still boxed!  The Most Rare and Difficult pieces to find today, he found back then, still in their packages!    PLUS, he assembled a Complete Princess of Power Collection as well as The New Adventures of He-Man!  DO NOT MISS this Unparalleled Collection, nor the items that I will be able to be listing in the next few weeks, because you may never see such Marvels again!  

Here is an AWESOME 100% Original & Ultra-Rare Vintage Mattel Masters of The Universe 13″ Action Figure Set from the 1987 Series 6 Collection!  This auction gives you the chance to own two of the Most Rare and Coveted Masters of The Universe Figures ever; the Heroic Giant Warlord & the Evil Giant Destroyer themselves: Tytus & Megator! This Ultra-Rare & AWESOME figure set comes to you in MINT condition, 100% Complete & Unused with all Weapons, Parts & Accessories, and still inside their Original Italian Release (Powers of Grayskull line) Packages! Megator is still Completely secured to his insert, with both Original plastic ties intact! He has never been removed from it, and therefore never even displayed outside his package. His weapon is still untouched inside its Original bag. Tytus is no longer tethered to his insert, but appears to be in Perfect, untouched condition. His weapon is still secured within the insert backing. His right arm seems to be slightly separated at the shoulder joint, but the spring-loaded “weapon grab” arm action works Perfectly! Neither figure appears to have any real paint loss or wear whatsoever. Both packages seem to be in Excellent shape, with some minor edge/corner wear, scuffing and light creases, but otherwise very displayable! Tytus’ package is completely missing the front cello window, and there are three decent tears along the window edges, but the top cello is intact. Megator’s package is in much better shape overall, and both cello windows are intact! His Original instructions are also included!

This is an ETERNIA-TASTIC chance for any Mattel Masters of The Universe Figure Collector, especially considering how INSANELY RARE these figures are to find together, and in Near MINT Condition, with their Original Packages!  DON’T PASS UP YOUR CHANCE to own this AWESOME Set of Vintage 1987 Mattel Masters of The Universe MIB & 100% Complete Series 6 Tytus & Megator 13″ Action Figures!  What a Magnificent Gift for the “He-Man” in your life!  Please take a look at the photos, and email with any questions!  Also, take a look at All of our RARE & AMAZING Mattel Masters of The Universe, Princess of Power, and The New Adventures of He-Man Listings in the Coming weeks!  BID NOW, AND JOIN THE BATTLE FOR ETERNIA!!

The Small Print

SHIPPING INFO: We use USPS for shipping and take a look at to offer you the cheapest option available.  We package very securely, because we hope to earn your business again. PAYMENT INFO: We accept Paypal with a CONFIRMED shipping address. Payments are expected within 5 days of the end of auction.  We will be able to be flexible in special circumstances if you email us first, but we certainly appreciate honest communication.


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