Unsinkable Dinghy Boat 8.6 ft – Rigid Boat – Yacht Tender – RIB [Sale]



Visit our website at Oliverboat.com for more info regarding our Unsinkable Oliver Dinghy Boat and for great discounted camping, fishing, and diving gear!

Each order includes a pair or Oarlocks, A pair of Rod Holders, a Motor Mount, and the decorative Rope.

The Unsinkable Oliver 8.6′ Dinghy Boat is some of the robust Dinghy Boats for sale available on the market today. The Oliver Dinghy is a double walled boat manufactured from high grade plastic Polyethylene. The area under the floor is filled with closed off cell foam, which makes The Oliver Dinghy Boat practically unsinkable. The Oliver Dinghy Boat is low maintenance and is produced in 100% color fast plastic.

With more than a lifetimes worth of durability, compared to your typical Dinghy Inflatable, the Oliver Dinghy excels out in the toughest of environments. With the ability of having the ability to take a beating like no other and not tearing, ripping, or getting punctured, puts The Oliver light years ahead of any Dinghy Inflatable in all of the world.

The Oliver Dinghy is perfect for any occasion. Fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving have a tendency to be the most well liked uses for the Oliver Dinghy. The Oliver Dinghy may also be used as a small row boat, as a Dinghy boat with a motor, as a yacht tender, or my personal favorite, as a Dinghy sailboat. The Dinghy sailboat is a ton of fun!

Each Oliver Dinghy Boat is made to order and each include a Certificate of Origin. We do sell in bulk. Please feel free to email us via our website at Oliverboat.com for more information, bulk prices and shipping.


Length: 8.6 ft
Width: 5.0 ft
Height: 30 in
Height of Stern: 15 in
Weight: 140 lbs
Maximum Weight Including Engine: 1075 lbs
Maximum # of people: 4
Maximum Engine Power: 8 hp



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