Vintage Darth Vader with Double Telescoping Lightsaber




For sale is a vintage Star Wars Darth Vader double telescoping lightsaber action figure. I purchased this figure about 5 years ago and had it authenticated by Sith Toys. The figure comes with a certificate of authenticity from Sith Toys as well. The figure is authentic to the lightsaber and is actually an awesome figure. The hilt has a Y letter and will also be seen in the pictures provided.


The lightsaber has some flaws as there’s some UV damage to the outer and inner saber. The inner saber may be stuck inside the outer. I have not tried to free the inner saber from the outer since the plastic is about 40 years old. The inner saber is missing about 4 millimeters off the tip as well. The figure and lightsaber don’t seem to be perfect, but this is an authentic example and looks awesome when displayed! This is a wonderful opportunity to own a very rare figure. It’s imaginable to free the inner saber, but I would recommend caution as these sabers are very fragile.

The item will be packed very protected so please be assured the item will be packed well.

Please review pictures, review COA, and ask me any questions about this piece. May the DT be with you…

***Shipping in USA only, fully insured***


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