Vintage Early 1960s Folbot Super TSF Folding Kayak Frame – Read shipping details



Complete and in nice condtition, I am selling a 1962 or 63ish Folbot Folding Kayak Frame with the original paddles.  If you don’t seem to be into restoration, this would be a great display piece.  Shown here completely assembled.  The last picture shows the kit broken down and ready to pack into the 2 large vinyl duffles.  This can be a 17 foot boat.  I put my 45 pound Corgi dog in the second picture to give you an idea of size.  All the components are in very good to excellent condition.  The only damage to the wood is on the bottom of the boat.  The first outer layer of plywood has peeled in a couple of small spots, but All the plywood in the boat is sound and solid with no other delaminations.  The varnish on each piece is also in great shape.  The paddles show minimal signs of wear, with scratches in the varnish and dents in the aluminum tips.  No cracks in the paddles.  They will have to be coated again before heavy use.  Comes with 2 sets of instructions for assembly.  If you have questions or need more pictures, let me know.  I will be able to be shipping this in 3 boxes.  You’re going to only pay the actual cost to ship, and I will be able to send it as economically as imaginable.  Local pick up in Minneapolis, MN is also an option.  If you wish to bid, message me with your zip code and I will be able to get you a shipping cost.  Shipping will be between $140 (to Milwaukee) and $330 (to Los Angeles) depending on your location.  If you win the bid, I will be able to send you an updated invoice with an accurate shipping quote.  If you pay any overages, I will be able to refund them.  SHIPPING TO USA LOWER 48 ONLY.  Thanks for looking! 


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