Vintage GI Joe USS Flagg Aircraft Carrier Playset



This play set is nearly complete.  These parts are the original parts and not replaced.  The primary pieces missing are the tanker, super structure wall C, one gun barrel, radar internet, one missile, intercom also not included.  

Fan Tail deck railing, 16 deck fasteners, and all computer parts for super structure are included.  

Picture of yellow airplane hook has a crack.  Also main antenna could also be cracked and barely holding on.   

The box had been duck taped about 20 years ago. Since we got this out we got rid of the duck tape and put packaging tape at the corners and around the middle to hold it in place.  
This play set would be complete with a little effort.  All parts are in working condition on the other hand, they aren’t perfect.  
We won’t ship across the world.  
Please let me know when you’ve got any questions.  


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