Vintage Grumman 15′ 4″ Long 43″ Wide Aluminum Sport Boat All Original – Package



Hello, just in time for hunting season!

This is my fathers fishing duck hunting boat, a newer model Grumman aluminum sport boat as a complete set. It is not a canoe, but slightly a sport boat. It measures approximately 15′ 4″ long x 43″ wide at its widest point. 

This boat is all original and nothing has been done to it.  It comes as a package with motors, trailer, cover, etc…. You’ll buy a new one now for around $2900.00, but why would you wish to have that when You’ll have the real deal for less. 

The boat comes with a trailer, two outboard motors, 2 and 6 Hp, a cover for storage, a few gas tanks, four paddles, approximately four dozen decoys and camouflage netting.

I used to use this up in Northern Minnesota with my father hunting. it is perfect for slipping into the reeds and has a shallow water line. The items are all completely operational. The motors have not been started for a few years, but I imagine they were run dry as my dad did this every year and took very good care of his gear. I also have the trailer hitch if you wish to have one at no extra charge.

To buy these new, the boats are approximately $2900 new. The outboards are around $200 on the market and the trailer is approximately $1000. The decoys are from the 1940s and are collectors items and could be worth something. So you could possibly buy this package and split it up and make some money.

The spare tire has a bit of a leak on the trailer, but this can be fixed. 

The boat is located in Hamshire, IL. I live in Chicago. So if you wish to view the boat, please I need to contact the person who has it stored. I will be able to meet you if your serious about the items, but not until after next Thursday, October 5, 2017,  Ebay is has blocked messages from being responded to for a short period for unknown reasons.

Again, Ebay has blocked emails message responses until October 5 at 5pm CST for extraordinary reason.  It sounds as if back in August, i sent a message to a seller to purchase an item outside of ebay if it did not sell.  So they are limiting my email response options for one week.  Kinda like being grounded with 100% feedback.

If you have questions, You’ll reach me after October 5.  The boat is close to I-90 and is available for viewing near Hampshire, IL.  I will be able to meet you after week are “allowed” to correspond.

This same title auction is listed on local Chicago craigs list so I reserve the right to sell the item locally outside of ebay. 



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