vintage Star Wars rare Canadian plush Regal Jawa complete



Please read the entire description to see what is included.

In this auction is a vintage Star Wars rare Canadian plush Regal Jawa complete.  This one has both straps and the pouch in very nice condition. The tush tag is there, but the blue cardboard tag is missing. The stitching appears to be original (as best as I will be able to tell) and the hand squeaker doesn’t work great, but definitely will squeak once you press it in the right spot.  The eyes are relatively bright and there I a bit of wear an fading on the bottom, undoubtedly from sitting on a shelf for several years.  You may refer to the pictures to see the exact condition. 

I just noticed that you cannot see the rivet on the second strap.  I have it spun around to the front and it is under the pouch.  It is the same as the other strap, original and in excellent condition.

These sell so rarely that it is difficult to put a price on it, so I am going with what the last auction sold for, but that Jawa was not complete.  Please see my other auctions.

I am very happy to ship internationally.  I only charge actual shipping costs and am happy to combine shipping wherever conceivable.  I try to ship as cheaply as conceivable because I know that I hate when people overcharge for shipping and incessantly will not bid if that is the case.  I am located in Canada, but I am now shipping from a US address as well for ease of shipping there.  The chart below outlines what the shipping costs should be.  It may be cheaper than that in some cases.   If you need any item shipped in an expedited manner I will be able to gladly do so if you pay the extra shipping costs. (this lot should weigh around 2 lb with packaging) 

The standard airmail shipping costs around the world from Canada are as follows (please go by these rates and not those listed in the shipping details section because those listed there may be inaccurate, but ebay is forcing me to enter something) 

These rates do include insurance and tracking:


Shipping 15” x 7” x 2”            USA        Canada        Europe      Australia    Brazil  (The x beside Canada indicates Expresspost)

0.5 lbs                                      $16            x $18             $42             $51           $83       

1 lbs                                         $17            x $18             $50             $54           $83

1.5 lbs                                      $20            x $18             $60             $66           $83

2 lbs                                         $20            x $26             $60             $66           $83            

3 lbs                                         $40            x $32             $67             $74           $92

If I ship from Canada, I will be able to ship any day, but weekends.

  • In this one case because this is an expensive item, I will be able to only ship by tracked airmail, so shipping will be relatively expensive.  To offset this moderately, I will be able to offer FREE tracked shipping to the US and Canada and will offer reduced shipping elsewhere: $40 to Europe, $45 to Australia and $60 to the rest of the world.  I have no idea what ebay will quote, so go with these prices instead.

If you do buy internationally, please understand that it may take longer to arrive.  I ship as soon as conceivable after payment, but I have no keep watch over over how long it sits in customs in your country.  The “shipping time” portion of the feedback should indicate when the item was shipped, not how long it took to get there because it was held up in customs.  Please keep this in mind when bidding.  If you are unhappy with the item in any way you may return it for a refund of the purchase price.  I try to describe items as best I will be able to, but infrequently I may miss something and the buyer should not have to be disappointed.  I pride myself on good communication, so it there is a problem it can frequently be worked out.  As per the new ebay rules, I guess Paypal is the only game in town.  Payment is to be received within 4 days after the end of the auction.  If you have feedback of less than ten or excessive negative feedback, please email me before bidding.  I retain the right to cancel any bids from members who fall into one of these categories, but fail to email me. 


Please feel free to email me with any questions.  I try to answer as quickly as conceivable.  Please see my other auctions.  Thanks for looking at my auction and happy bidding


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