Vintage16 Foot Old Town Fiberglass Canoe – Second Owner – Summer Fun



Vintage 16 Foot Old Town Canoe manufactured within the 1970’s. The gunnels are extra heavy molded fiberglass to handle the strength of the sides without using thwarts so there’s more room to move around and store your gear. Weighs about the similar as the similar size aluminum canoe and could be very manageable for portages with two people. Interior is in like new condition. The bow has a ding and the bottom has the type of scrapes and scratches you may assume to be there in a 40 plus year old canoe. Overall this canoe is in very good condition and will have to provide hours of summer fun. Bought from original owner just last week and am selling because I just found a fishing kayak that better suits my needs. Is not going to ship. For local pick up only in Winsted, Connecticut. 


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