Walker Bay 8 Dinghy Row Sail Power



Created by world-class boat builders and architects, these United States Coast Guard approved boats go back and forth easily and are even more straightforward to go back and forth in.

High-Have an effect on marine composite is injection-molded to create a one-piece, seamless, UV-secure hull that would possibly not dent, even on a rocky beach. 

Application: Rowing, motoring or sailing
Hull Subject material: High Have an effect on Polypropylene
Construction: High-pressure injection molded
Hull Shape: Round bottom lapstrake-style
Includes: Oars and usual oarlocks
Available Accessories: Oars, oarlocks, seats, stainless bow eye, Wheel within the Keel, Sail kits, RID kits, Bimini boat cover

Capacity 425 Pounds
Compatible Accessories RID Kits/Sail Kits; Trolling Motor
Horsepower 2 Horsepower Max
Length 8 Feet 2 Inches
Material Polypropylene
Shape Mono-Hull
Type High-Pressure Injection Molded
Width 52 Inches
Excellent condition a few staining
Hull Number-EWVA3951K809


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