Whiterwater Raft Star XL 14 foot Self Bailing Raft 2012 Great Condition $1900



Star LX14-SB Hurricane
Whitewater Raft

Star XL-14 SB self-bailing rafts that have a unique floor design, which offers outstanding performance with very little maintenance required. The floor is permanently attached the usage of 4000 denier PVC on the bottom and 1100 denier PVC on the top to create a protective pocket for the drop-stitch bladder. The drop-stitch bladder uses the same construction as an inflatable SUP which translates into a stable platform to drain water more efficiently and provide implausible performance.
Each and every Star Inflatable begins with an over-lapped seam construction.  Next, inside seam tape is heat-welded for solid air-retention and the outdoor seam tape is glued the usage of 2-part PVC glue for extra strength. The Choose series is double wrapped on the bottom with 1100 denier PVC and includes 1100 denier top wear patches. Our boats are built the usage of poly-urethane bottom wear patches which are very light weight, puncture resistant, abrasion resistant, and easier to roll-up.
Other great features of the Choose Series include; Leifield valves, double reinforced d-rings and handles, quik-E thwart attachments, and removable thwarts. It’s easy to spend nearly twice as much for a boat that requires more maintenance with the same life expectancy, but why?
Star Inflatables great designs, service, and value.

Here is your opportunity to purchase a commercial quality raft at a fraction of the price. This can be a well maintained 2012 XL 14 SB has may years of commercial life left in it or a life-time of private paddling adventures.

We have now several to choose between in Red, Blue and Green, so call and purchase lately and have the pick of the litter!

Carlo 865-250-0921

Length: 13’10”
Width:  7’2”
Tube Size: 20”
Thwart Size: 13”
Bow/Stern Rise: 31”
Straight Section: 6’4”
Weight: 150 pounds
Outer Chambers: 4
Thwarts: 3
D-rings: 12

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