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Systems Tarpon 100

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 is a versatile sit-on-top that offers stunning
performance for surf play, ponds, lakes, and bays. The Tarpon 100 features
Phase 3 AirPro seating system that adds comfort and easy adjustability. An exceptionally
large rear tankwell with bungee tie downs allow for storage of any gear needed
for long hauls, at the same time as the two hatches provide dry storage below the deck. The
Tarpon 100 kayak is known for offering excellent flow and maneuverability, and
great versatility for its trim size.

New Phase 3 AirPro Seating System and Keepers XL
Footbrace System offer a comfortable and customizable fit

SlideTrax accessory rail, bungee paddle holders, and
molded mesh gear pockets

Two turn and lock 8 inch round hinged Orbix hatch
covers for dry storage

Tankwell with Adjustable Bungee

Bungee Deck Rigging

Self-Bailing Scupper Holes

Cup holder

Rudder Ready

Made In the USA

Length: 10′

Width: 30.50″

Max Capacity: 325 lbs.

Weight: 55 lbs.

Included Accessories:

2 – Stealth QR-1 Rod Holder with
Two Point Track Mount

from Heavy Duty Nylon and Engineering grade weather resistant elastomers.
The QR-1 is built to last.

The Stealth Quick Release Rod
Holder permits you to set the hook with no need to touch the Rod Holder.
 Our patented technology holds your rod Safe but permits you to release
your rod by the usage of the same motion that sets the hook. Typical rod holders
use locking collars which send vibration down the line that signals the fish to
let go.  The Stealth QR-1 allows you to just grab and pull. The same
motion that releases your rod sets the hook! 

The 2
point mount replaces base mount adapters for a single and robust mounting

rotate, and provides more strength for bigger species. 

of Engineering Grade, reinforced Nylon composite.

2 – Flush Mount Rod Holder (installed)

The Flush Mount Rod Holder
works great in kayaks. Angled at 30° it is perfect for trolling or simply just
storing your rods and/or net. The Flush Mount Rod Holder is capped on bottom to
prevent leaks. Installed by Kayak City.

2 – Hobie Rod Leash

your paddle or those nice fishing rods from swimming away with the
Hobie Accessory Leash. Safe the leash to your boat with the brass
snap and your accessory with the adjustable bungee loop. A quick snap
connection feature allows easy detachment when needed.

Kayak City Aquaglide Kayak Paddle – Available in 230 cm and 240 cm

Kayak City Aquaglide kayak paddle offers an efficient, all-purpose paddle designed for performance. Powder-coated aluminum shaft offers superior strength and lightweight at the same time as durable injection-molded blades deliver smooth, efficient power.

Paddle Upgrades:

Ray Hybrid 2pc Posi-Lok Kayak Paddle –

Aquabounds exclusive abXII blade and all carbon shaft, the Manta Ray Hybrid
kayak paddle has more horsepower for big boats, high-angle paddlers and moving
water. Posi-Lok® Ferrule: Along with the 3-hole
snap-button ferrule we offer the Posi-Lok ferrule system, which clicks into
position firmly and securely and features strong, corrosion-free composite
construction and convenient dual-button release. 
MSRP – $139

Paddles Pursuit Angler Adjustable Paddle –

Measuring tape graphics and a
line hook cutout are sure to give both beginner and intermediate anglers a
competitive edge. Ideal for any fisherman’s paddling style, the new Pursuit
Angler features a signature fiberglass reinforced injection molded nylon blade
for a full range of performance and versatility, and a fully-adjustable
ferrule. MSRP – $150

Ferrule Adjustment

Quick, easy, and precise.
Simply open the lever, adjust the shaft for custom fit, and close the lever.
Enjoy unlimited feathering (down to a single degree) and up to 10 cm of
increased length. Engineered for a precise fit and smooth operation.
Specifically designed components for maximum compression and long-lasting
durability. Made with heavy-duty fiberglass reinforced nylon and noncorrosive
stainless steel hardware.

system is compact and efficient to reduce overall weight.

to remove lever makes tweaking tension a cinch.

pull apart, rinse with freshwater, and start planning your next paddling commute.

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