ZODI Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Shower



Only opened for a test, upgraded shower head, works perfectly!

– Hot water shower designed for backcountry camping and hunting

– Rustproof stainless-steel water tank and powerful 10,000 BTU burner

– Heats water to 100 degrees F; 6-foot shower hose with showerhead

– 1-piece hand pump pressurizes water drift without batteries

– Burner doubles as cooking stove; includes gear storage bag

Product Description

The Zodi Extreme SC Hot Shower features stainless steel construction for extra durability and hand pump for self-contained use. The Zodi Extreme has been the #1 hot shower of choice for backcountry use for years. The 10,000 BTU stove completes the Zodi Extreme as a really self-contained hot shower and includes water temperature indicator, shower pole holder and a storage bag for extra convenience. The Zodi Extreme Shower is easy to use. Simply fill the tank with 3 gallons of water, place on the included Tripod stove and heat. When the temperature indicator on the tank indicates the water is hot, turn off stove, insert hand pump into tank and remove from the stove. Use the hand pump to pressurize the tank and enjoy a comfortable hot shower. The stove may also be used for cooking. Great for camping and use right through emergencies.

Nothing feels slightly as refreshing after a 10-mile hike as a hot shower, but good luck finding a YMCA in the backcountry. Enter the Zodi Extreme, the hot shower of choice for backcountry use. Ideal for logging road campers and hunters, the Extreme is extra-durable, with a rustproof stainless-steel water tank and a powerful 10,000 BTU burner. To use, simply fill the tank with water and place on the rugged stove, which doubles as a cooking stove. Within five minutes, the water will heat to 100-plus degrees F, giving you quite a lot of hot, invigorating water for your morning or evening shower. The system also includes a one-piece hand pump that pressurizes the drift without batteries, at the side of a 6-foot shower hose with a showerhead and on/off keep an eye on valve. And the system is a breeze to set up, requiring less than a minute.

The Extreme, which also sports a handy thermometer that displays the water temperature, collapses for transport and comes with a gear bag.

About Zodi

Zodi’s first products heated water in only 20 minutes, but that wasn’t good enough. The company soon cut it to 10 minutes, but waiting 10 minutes for a shower? Now, Zodi’s hot water showers come up with hot water anytime, anywhere in less than 10 seconds. Today, the Zodi brand is synonymous with innovation, quality, and performance, and is sold in more than 75 countries. Zodi’s systems can even be found on Mt. Everest. Along with selling on-demand water heaters and showers for the outdoor industry, Zodi makes similar products for military and industrial needs, including lifesaving hot decon showers for soldiers, firefighters, and EMS teams. Zodi is headquartered in Midvale, Utah.


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