Zodi Zip Instant Hot Camp Water Shower Hot Tap



I have for sale a Zodi Zip Hot Shower.  It both pumps water from a user-provided water source and heats it for hot water anywhere.  It uses a standard camping propane canister and 4 D batteries, not included.  Note that the manufacture’s propane canister reinforce base isn’t included and has been replaced with a Coleman base, as shown in the photos.  This unit has been used about a dozen times.  I’m selling it because it only heats water about 10 degrees above its starting temperature, so if you wish to have a hot shower you need to let the water recirculate back into your water bucket.  If its cold out, it takes too long, a minimum of for me.  Also, the instructions say to hit the sparker or ignition button 2-4 times and it’s going to ignite the gas.  Its more like 5-8 times and once in a while it may not light at all.  I in the end just began lighting it with my cigarette lighter. Please keep this in mind as I don’t accept returns.


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